Night time thunder.

It's raining. Rain tinkles on my roof, tapping at the windows. Thunder rumbles in the quiet of night time. No crickets to be heard tonight. The storm is strong. Morning will bring looking to see what needs to be fixed or replaced. The curse of living in a mobile home with no trees or bushes to block the strength of the wind whipping past. The animals are all asleep, as should I be. The house is quiet and still for once. It's been a hectic few weeks, so many words left unspoken there but I can not give them a voice just yet. Too many internal storms raging. I drink tea and listen to the rain. Essential oils soften the world around me. Music plays softly. Soon I will sleep. And dream. 


Music: Mazzy Star / Seasons of Your Day. Tea: Herbal Tea For Sleep / Owens Acres Essential Oil: Breathe / doTerra