Finding My Joy.

Cleaning the kitchen up after dinner, emptying the dishwasher and wiping down the counters I heard the strangest noise. It was a happy noise, sort of a deep rumbling soothing sound. I stopped in the middle of wiping the counter, rag in my hand thinking someone was in the house with me. It wasn't someone else. It was me. I was humming. It was so natural and beautiful. I haven't found joy in the simple action of cleaning in a very long time. I seems that every day spent in the new house brings forth another little bit of joy. Cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry and getting that slight sniff of clean linen, or just simply watching the sun play across the dark hardwood floors. I'm finding my joy again. Who knew it would take a move to find something I thought I'd lost years ago?

Clearly, I've gotten moved after several set backs (the roof getting blown off, sick workers and broken down trucks). I'm slowly making my way room to room decorating and making it feel like a real home. Giving it a touch of myself. It's amazing to lay in bed at night and be exhausted from organizing and unpacking instead of laying there staring at the ceiling and worrying about the million of little things that need to be done. now. tomorrow. next week. year. I sleep at night here. Part of it is the quiet, living next to a 4 lane road was not a good idea! But the major part of it is simply being happy in my space. It's funny how we don't really notice how unhappy or sad we are until we become happy again. It's an amazing thing to discover and enjoy. I plan to get comfortable in my joy and my home.

Find your joy!


Wall of Joy!