The beginning of a beginning.

I am sitting in a mostly empty house, surrounded by boxes and totes overflowing with the little bits of my life. This move has brought so many twists and turns with it, emotional and physical. From strange additions to my vents from previous owners to our newest adventure of half the roof being blown off last week. But the emotional seems to be the worst. So many memories are wrapped within these walls, they float by on air currants every time I enter a room now or pack one more box. This was the house I began in, where I found my own wings. I'm more than a bit scared to be leaving it. It's not an ending, it's a new beginning.


So I will finish packing my boxes, wrapping the breakable items in tissue and bubble wrap. I will begin to let the memories fall back into their spaces in my mind. It's time to begin the beginning of the next chapter. I may not be able to get the internet back up for a week or so, it depends on how long they take in sending someone out to do it, but I hope it won't be for too long. Hopefully, by my next entry I'll be living and breathing in my new home.