New House... Impatience.

I bought a new house last year, in October. I have been sitting on my hands waiting for the improvements to get finished. New floors, paint and windows. A whole new space to let myself wander in. I'm impatient. The ideas of what I want where, the colors, the design of it all keep running through my head. Some time this week the new floors will be finished after many improvements (the sub-flooring actually fell through where the fridge was located) and stoppages due to weather. The windows will come as soon as that's finished. The painting is all done, the space is bigger and brighter. I want to get in there, add those personal touches that claim it as mine. Owning a home but not being able to make it wholly mine is frustrating. There are little touches, the wide plank counters in the deep walnut stain that screams "mine", or the walls painted in a color called white chocolate, a soft almost buttery white, the new floors that are warm and beautiful... all of it is just a taste of what I'm hoping this new home will bring to me. Peace. Beauty. Comfort. Home. I've missed those words when I think of where I live. 

This is my second home I've owned out right. The one I'm currently living in started out feeling those things. For 4 years I lived here in peace and with a very ordered home. Somewhere along the way it stopped being that for me. I know of many reasons for this but it's turned into an almost loathing of my space, which makes a huge difference when things are going mental in the rest of your life. We all need that feeling of home and safety.  I've stopped thinking of this place as home. Now that I have a new space I'm on pins and needles to get in there and make it mine. Hopefully, before the summer sun shines I will be. I can only keep my fingers crossed. Until that time, dreams and ideas will sustain me in my impatience. Thank all goodness that there is pinterest for my inspirations!